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 UsedGrooves POS eBay Integrations

GCPPOS application has passed eBay's Compatible Application Check process.

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 New Ebay Integrations

UsedGrooves POS eBay Integration. The app GCPPOS uses the Trading API, AddFixedPricedItem, additem, reviseitem, to add inventory to the store's eBay site. Item descriptions, shipping and return policies are managed seamlessly.

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UsedGrooves POS Social Networking, Discogs and eBay API Integrations.

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Phase 1 Integrations consisting oAuth, FTP Client and Web Hosting were completed In February.

FTP Client and WIA integrations

Supporting the Web Hosting integrations the application employs an FTP client with a comprehensive list of methods.

The WIA compliant image manager allows the POS Manager to download and deploy images from vendors or Devices.

eBay Integrations

Item Upload to eBay Store Begins

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Items Listed on eBay after Successfull API call

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Upcoming Release

New ASP.NET MVC application with PAYPAL integrations. (Currently Sandboxed)

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E-Commerce Vendor tracking

POS application integrates seamlessly with Facebook Graph/API.

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Facebook Integration

POS application integrates seamlessly with Facebook Graph/API.

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Using the Facebook SDK the Pos Manager can manage credentials and consumer Apps as well as execute Methods such as Post to Wall, Share Status Etc..


The integration provides the ability for the Store POS to post and promote releases by creating sharp shared status.

Most if not all Facebook Graph/API Methods are availble. The Shared Status Posted to the users Feed will contain link two sites the the user has items for sale

eBay Integrations Cont.

User Sees Notification via Email

Detail of Listing